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TREX is a firm dedicated to deliver professional trainings, provide mystery shopping and HR consultancy services. It serves the needs of organizations by assisting to remain competitive and fulfill their strategies as well as focusing on individuals to climb up the success ladder. We currently serve clients in Lebanon. We provide private in-house and public workshops. TREX is a firm having passionate trainers and consultants with various concentrations that cover a wide array of expertise.

They gather over 50 years of cumulative expertise in various sectors, backgrounds, markets and institutions. They are eager to provide exceptional service, make a difference and leave a trace. TREX team of trained Mystery Shoppers assume the role of consumers and observe the nature and quality of services being offered.

Mystery Shopper research monitors staff performance and service standards, and provides detailed performance score, ratings, and qualitative feedback to help organizations measure their actual performance for improvement purpose.

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Year Established 2017