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SETC was founded by Sherif Eid and his team of successors in the Training and HR field. Through the team spirit we share, we aspire to achieve a vision shared amongst us to provide other businesses with effective updated solutions to aid in their success and growth and benefit the society at large. SETC VISION AND PHILOSOPHY “Making global knowledge available and affordable in the Arab countries like running water” We believe that there’s no real gap between Science and its application, we are just way behind in applying what great scientists have created, the so-called Academics that we tend to neglect blinded by our ethnocentrism that there’s no more to achieve when there are millions of new ideas that can aid and support the business grow. Accordingly, we believe that Personal Development is a never-ending process; this is where our consultants play their role in understanding the business’s goals, the employees’ goals and aligning them together through developmental and motivational programs to make the business’s dreams come to reality as we believe that competent motivated employees are the key to a successful organization.

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Egypt, New Maadi, Cairo, 3/8a Al Madina Al Monwora, Taqseem El Laskily

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Year Established 2018
Type Of Company Training Solutions and Consultancy