Nadin Nabil Al Shaker

About the Trainer Ms. Nadin Nabil Al Shaker’s exemplary expedition from Marketing Manager to an Excellence Trainer in NLP, is a seamless testament of belief in work that creates breakthroughs. She is an International Trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and worked for various clients across a diversified portfolio of assignments spanning the complete creative cycle. Works with Individuals one to one, or in groups to assist and help them in making successful changes in their lives. Certified by Dr. John Grinder Co-Creator and Founder of Neuro Linguistic Programming, Ms. Nadin Nabil Al Shaker has empowered and energized Individuals from various different backgrounds to move past restricting convictions and endeared them to explore and exact the best in the quest called life. Nadin Shaker Al Shaker / Transformational Awareness Soon Company Founder & Creator of Transformational Awareness (Jordan)

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Jordan, Middle East and Gulf Area, Amman

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General Infomation

Name Nadin Nabil Al Shaker
Nationality(ies) Jordanian
Available to Work in United Arab Emirates | Bahrain | Egypt | Jordan | Kuwait | Lebanon | Qatar

Educational Qualifications

NLP Academy
NLP Training New Code

NLP Academy
Trainers Training Certified

NLP Academy
NLP Master Practitioner

NLP Academy
NLP Practitioner

Social Media Marketing

American University College of Science and Technology
Bachelors in Graphic Design

Conducted Training Courses

NLP Practitioner Course