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My posture: Freeing inner vitality of people, teams, and organizations to help them draw on their inner resources, to find their own solutions by themselves, and build their own projects. Help to get moving, to create strategic value through the creation of human value. Since 2011, I have been coach and trainer, putting my humanistic values for development in the service of people and organizations, favoring listening, authenticity, simplicity, and pragmatism.

Some beliefs that guide me in performing my job - The potential and limitations of an organization are commensurate with the potential and limitations of the management team; a constant questioning: how to grow personally, professionally, and collectively? - The best of man appears when circumstances permit; the best is the most effective in the long term. In this sense, to change the company, to vitalize projects and organizations, one passage must be crossed: Change oneself. VALUE PROPOSITION My involvement takes many forms:

- Psychotherapy: Children, Youth, and adults

- Accompanying management teams in change processes, collective intelligence, vision approach...

- Personal and professional development: relationship to oneself, relationship to others, relationship to change.

- Workshops of experience sharing and practical analysis.

- Individual coaching of leaders and officials.

- Leadership development And management.

- Facilitator and trainer.

- The leadership of women.

- Stress management.

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France, Paris

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General Infomation

Name Elissar Hadidi
Nationality(ies) French | Syrian
Available to Work in Bahrain | Cote D'Ivoire | Algeria | Egypt | Jordan | Kuwait | Lebanon | Morocco | Mali | Oman | Qatar | Senegal | Tunisia | Turkey | South Africa

Educational Qualifications

NLP institute
NLP practitioner.

NLP School
Psychotherapist and hypnotherapist for adults, children and youth

Positive psychology

Tuscany school
Coaching training

IMPAG business school
Bachelor business management