Training Of Trainers (TOT)

About the Course

Behind every spectacular training session is a skilled trainer who masters the techniques and principles of training preparation and delivery. 

This qualified trainer can make any program an exciting one, even if the topic is at an advanced level. S/He can encourage the attendees to learn and develop skills while having fun. 

Writing the required traits of a successful trainer is easy; however, becoming one is not. A person who is determined to become a trainer has to attend at first, a TOT course, like this one, so to learn the foundation of training preparation and delivery. S/he will need to discover how adults learn and find out the step-by-step approach to create training sessions that meet the audience needs. 

This course is designed to help every individual who is not a trainer to become one, or at least to start the career of becoming one. Needless to say, that long term practice will polish exceptional training skills. However, one has to know the basics before proceeding to the advanced levels.

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+962 777 0000 79


Course at a Glance

June 23, 2019 - June 25, 2019
Three Full Days (9am - 4pm)
English & Arabic
750 (With 20% Discount For Early Bird Registration)
Type: Public
Jordan, Shmeissani, Amman, Prime Training Venue

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