Leading with Impact (In-house)

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This is an inspiring four-day program essential for leaders, experienced managers, and executives who aspire to improve their professional performance, enabling them to effectively and efficiently lead their team and to gain practical skills and confidence in how to lead. The modules combine strong informative aspects with immersive practical exercise and workshops to empower participants to positively influence their mindsets, reaping impactful results for their teams, their organizations, and themselves. The primary goal of training and development is typically to improve performance on an individual, team, or company-wide level. The program’s key highlights are its modularity in skill-grouping and its interactive form, whereby group exercises solicit participant contributions, allow them to experience the concepts being taught, and gain valuable and personalized feedback from the trainers. There are multiple ways to achieve this goal. 3Summits' experts deliver practical workshops through experiential learning. Attendees will take a hands-on approach while practicing new tasks. The process has several advantages, including the employment of modern psychological techniques in order to better entrench the lessons and skills learned into the participants’ minds and memories. Learning by doing provides the learner with instant feedback and the ability to reflect on what to keep doing, what to tweak and repeat, or what to change altogether. It's a great way to test competency and move the participants beyond theory. This program consists of independent, yet complementary, modules that are essential for leaders in today’s competitive market.

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September 04, 2018 - December 31, 2018
4 days
In-house program - fees depends on the number of attendees and location
Type: Public
MENA Region

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3Summits serves as a hub for designing and tailoring solutions for companies by offering an outstanding experience for professionals. 3Summits is a training, consulting, and recruitment firm established in 2013 with the objective of meeting the personal and career development needs of the region’s most challenging markets, by: • Offering a comprehensive service and diversified expertise by partnering with top trainers and top training companies, bringing together the best of the educational and practical world. • Building on internal competencies as well as partners’ key capabilities and expertise, combining excellence in order to provide quality lifelong learning.

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