Enterprise Risk Management

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Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) course helps to avoid the effects of risk associated with earnings of the organization. It is a comprehensive process of planning, organizing and evaluating the activities of the organization. It consists of various risk assessments such as financial, strategic, operational and other types of risks. In recent years, due to the turbulent environment, organizations are using ERM at the larger scale. Government regulatory bodies and investors have started to scrutinize companies' ERM policies. Financial institutes are the best example to review the benefits of ERM. Their success is dependent on creating a balance between profits and managing the risks.

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June 18, 2019 - June 19, 2019
2 Days
US $1799
Type: Public
United Arab Emirates, Dubai, Dubai Knowledge Park (DKP), Block 13 G06, P.O Box 503225, Dubai, UAE.

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United Arab Emirates, 503225, Dubai, Dubai Knowledge Park (DKP), Block 13 G06