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1. Introduction To Email Etiquette (Email Privacy, Email Misuse & Abuse, Email Embarrassment, Email Misinterpretation, Routine Messages – Requests And Replies)

2. Successful Email Structure (Forward-To-CC-BCC, Urgent, High Importance Low Importance, Subject, Salutation, Introduction – Body – Conclusion, Signature, Draft, Friendly Closing)

3. Email Message Format (Email Style, Choose The Right Font, Select Appropriate Colors, Enhancing Readability, Resist The Urge To Use All Upper – Or Lowercase Letters, Sending Attachments With Care)

4. Writing Memos/Reports/Minutes/Proposals With Style (Clear Short Simple Words, Concise Positive Language, Variety Of Sentence Types, Coherent Paragraphs, Effective Subject Lines, Average 15 Words/Sentence, 2-3 Lines Per Paragraph)

5. Perfect Business Writing Grammar (Using Spellchecker, Check For Simple Sentences, Use Of Active And Passive Voice, Use Of Punctuation, Use Of Emoticons, Use Of Who, Whom, Where, Why, When)

6. General Guidelines (Netiquette Guidelines, Cyber & Sexist Language, Right Tone, etc.)

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July 25, 2019 - July 25, 2019
1 full day from 9 am till 4 pm
Type: Public
Lebanon, Zalka, Zalka, Cite Moussa, Bloc A 9th floor

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BESST SARL, Business Etiquette & Soft Training, was established in 2009. The Head office is located 
in Zalka, Cite Moussa Center, Block A, 9th Floor.

At the beginning, the main services were « Soft Skills Training, MGT & HR consultancy as well as 
Heahunting and Recruitment».
With the growing business network of BESST SARL, other services were added to the above list and each service is managed by experts in the field:
- Training & Capacity Building  
- HR, MGT & Consultancy
- Recruitment & Headhunting
- Promotional Campaigns 
- Graphic Design & Advertising Services 
- Event Catering Services 

BESST SARL enjoys a very healthy reputation in the Lebanese Market as well as the MENA area.This is due 
to the professionalism, passion and persistence of the partners who are running the business.

BESST SARL entered in partnership with BANFI agency in Germany for recruitment cooperation.Thus, 
companies looking for European talent can depend on us for securing needed employees.


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