Teens ATM Management (Anger,Time,Money)

About the Course

Anger Management: (2 hours)

  • Understanding Anger as “EMOTION”
  • Recognizing Teens Anger Triggers/Causes
  • Identifying & Practicing Anger Management Techniques, such us:
  • vocabulary to use or not to use
  • separating the ideas from the person himself or herself
  • differentiate the human needs from the person wants
  • understanding what’s happening in one’s body such as hunger, need to sleep, etc.
  • expressing what’s happening and being aware/mindful about it
  • Practical Training Activities

Time Management: (2 hours)

  • Identifying Time as a Limited RESOURCE
  • Classifying the activities teens do during the week
  • Prioritizing the tasks by “eating the frog” technique
  • Knowing when to say “NO” for any “time waster”
  • Respecting a timesheet & practicing “planning” skills
  • Practical Training Activities

Money Management: (2 hours)

  • Explaining “what is money” and why/where do we need it?
  • Understanding the importance of “Personal Finance Management”
  • Investigating the sources of money (parents/grandparents/part time job/etc.)
  • Focusing on the importance of saving (called “delayed gratification)
  • Differentiating between the wants and the needs when it comes to buying
  • Practical Training Activities

Course at a Glance

August 07, 2018 - August 07, 2018
from 9 am till 3 pm
English and Arabic
Type: Public
Lebanon, Beirut, Citea Apart Hotel Achrafieh

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